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Chinese like hilarity. On festivals, it is more happy and everywhere is full of exciting air. Though in the freedom Chinese washed and globed by the western culture, every traditional entertainments of the festivals have not stopped and vanished. Many folk custom and entertainments have added to the the happy of the festivals and the competition of celebrating the New Year and handed down from generation to generation. in which the most common one is the playing with dragon or lion. The children grown up in China, though can't walk, must have seen it on the shoulders of the father or on the TV.

Besides the mentioned above, the common entertainments in the folk are many such as running the boat on the road, wearing the shoes with very high heels, the old carrying the young on his back, and the dance of the clam goblin etc.. The old carrying the young on his back is a beautiful miss hung the half wooden body of the old whose poise was carrying the miss. It is said to play two persons by one. It is played by Mo drama. The dance of the clam goblin which use the bamboo to make a clam, and the girl as the clam goblin who use the hands to operate the clam to match with the fishnet of the fisher, is very interesting. As for the folk entertainments which have one or two thousand of years in the history, they have still been playing by the children in nowadays.

In China, as the highlight and promotion, many culture centers in the folk, book bureau and folk custom and arts stores sell the books and CD to introduce the Chinese folk custom and entertainment in details which can be used for the references.

As for the schools, there are many primary students who guided by the teachers and make the properties of the folk custom and entertainments which combined the lively, vivid side of the Chinese traditional culture with the modern life. It is kept for ever, at the same time, it make the Chinese free life richer.